M I C H E L L E  J E F F E R S O N

I have been an artist all my life. I started walking when I was seven months old to my mother’s and doctor’s surprise. I always say it was to get to the blank white walls in our apartment. White walls were my first canvas, I would draw on them with crayons. From white walls I graduated to paper.As I got older my parents enrolled me in art classes. I explored pottery, painting, drawing, screen printing, ballet, music…if it was creative I was doing it. In high school I realized my calling was in the visual arts. I began taking classes at Art Center College of Design’s high school art program. After I graduated from high school I attended California Institute of the arts (Calarts). I graduated from Calarts in 1993 with a BFA in Visual Communications/Graphic Design. After which I worked in the film industry at an award winning special effects production company. I realized that I was not being fulfilled artistically so I left the film industry determined to fill this void. I began working as a Veterinary Technician during the day and creating art at night.

It wasn’t until I started working on my own art again did I realize how much I missed and loved art. It was during this time that I rediscovered my calling and started exploring the different ways to express this calling. From drawing, painting, photography, then “Voila!” collage. The media that I fell in love. Once I discovered this I was off running and have been running ever since. My work is influenced by my fine art, graphic design, printmaking, and medical background.

  1. I enjoy how it all came full circle. Can an artist leave art permanently, after being called by it from such a young age? Did you have any pets growing up? Are animals influential to your art? Just curious. Thank you,

    • causnfx said:

      I guess an artist can leave art permanently if that artist had no more to express. I can’t imagine that would ever be the case for me.
      I have had many pets growing up. I had dogs and small hook bill birds and a parrot that flew away one day. I grew up in Pasadena there is a
      very large wild parrot community in Pasadena. I’m sure he’s happily flying among them now. I currently have 3 dogs, a water turtle, cocaktiels, doves, and a fancy pigeon that
      a friend of mine found hurt in a garage. I’m happy to say he is happy and healthy now. All of my pets are rescues. Thanks for taking the time to view and respond to my blog.

  2. I appreciate that you have continued to create. The opportunity to experience your creative work is an honor. Everyday is a gift with new life to experience offering new sounds, sights, smells, taste, touch and ideas to express…i think.

    Those are a lot of pets; and quite a variety of them. I imagine one day we’ll all co-exist with nature as well as you.

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